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FERRED develops and trades products for children and community produced according to principles of social and environmental sustainability.
FERRED products respect nature
and environment, offering concrete answers to the need of public health and consumer protection.

FERRED products
(Kidnest - products for childhood made in organic cotton and Community - products for communities made in natural raw materials) are made according to precise criteria such as: use of  certified organic cotton, social responsibility according to Fair Trade criteria, use of recyclable and compostable materials, children’s products made by raw materials derived from biodinamical cultivations.
Organic Cotton

The certified organically produced cotton guarantees the absence of chemical pesticides, fertilizers and weed killers, as well as the use of genetically modified organisms. Moreover, the organic production implements measures of water resources saving and preserving.

Social Sustainability

FERRED supports fair trade in Kidnest product line. Fair trade guarantees to the producers a minimum price covering the productions costs, granting to producers and workers a fair earn and a sustainable livelihood, and enabling them to improve the life conditions of the whole community.
Environmental Sustainability

The products made and trade by FERRED not in organic cotton are made by biopolymers derived from vegetable starch, thus matching environment preserving with children health. The raw materials are of different  kind, coming from various renewable resources such as mais starch, residual sugar cane fibres. In this way, the agricultural raw materials, once used, go back to the ground by means of processes of biodegradability and composting, without discharge of polluting substances.

Environmental Quality

has selected children products labelled Weleda because they are made of purely natural substances