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COMMUNITY by FERRED - Disposable low environmental impact products
Environmentally sustainable
Raw materials

Ferred selects Community products on the basis of the quality of materials and the guarantees of environmental preservation, such as compostability, use of natural Raw Materials in ECOZEMA  products, environmental sustainability and biodegradability of the OFFICINE NATURAE products.

The Raw Materials are of different kind, but all of them are derived from renewable fonts, such as mais starch and residual sugar cane fibres. This difference in composition makes the products very different from each other.

The Mater-Bi is a biopolymer produced by Novamont, derived from mais starch. It is fully biodegradable and compostable according to law EN13432. It withstands  a maximum temperature of 85°; This milky white material is used to produce either cutlery or, combined with paperboard, dishes and glasses. Finally, it can also be used for producing the packaging wrapping cutlery sets.

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