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KIDNEST by FERRED - Toilet Paper
Description Code Product
Recycled toilet paper
Compact toilet rolls
Compact toilet paper

Social sustainibility:
100% recycled raw material

K214 Recycled toilet paper
rolls per package: 8
K213 Compact toilet rolls
rolls per package: 2
Double velvet compact toilet rolls made by
100% pure cellulose. Velvet are glued together
without using adhesives;  less logistics impact:
due to its compactness, its volume is indeed
smaller than the normal toilet paper (a roll has
400 sheets, equivalent to about 20 rolls of
normal toilet paper)
K212 Compact toilet paper
rolls per package: 4
Fazzolettini in cotone bio
Confezione: 8 pezzi
Dimensioni: 20 x 20 cm