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KIDNEST by FERRED - Organic cotton products (labelled WIP)
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Baby Cotton cleaning patch
Absorbent cotton
Cotton swabs

100% organic cotton (certified by AIAB)

Social sustainibility:
FairTrade certification - Fair for Life - IMO

Well being/Health: consumers health and health of people suffering of skin allergies are the main focus of the project: cotton patch is soft, compact and lacking of impurities, since the products are made of first quality compact organic cotton.
The raw cotton bleaching is carried on without the use of chlorine; vegetal impurities are eliminated
in an ecological way, while bacteria and residual impurities are eliminated by washing and hygienizing the cotton with hydrogen peroxydum.

K205 Baby cotton cleaning patch
Dimensions: 9,5 x 9,5 cm
Pieces per package: 60
K206 Absorbent cotton
10 gr. package
K207 Cotton swabs
Pieces per package: 200
the structure of the swab is made
of recyclable paperugamano grande
in cotone alveolare
Colore: bianco
Dimensioni: 40 x 50 cm